Our favorite merchandise at the 2016 Masters


Our favorite merchandise at the 2016 Masters

April 04, 2016

Mancave Must-Have

In recent years these wood-based retro wall pieces have flown off the shelves despite a pretty steep price. This year’s edition is truly authentic, using the club’s original opening notice art for the perfect piece of mancave wall art. For $85 you can have one.

The Gardon Gnome Comes To Augusta

He’s part-Santa, part Scotsman, and all-in on Augusta green. And a total steal at $39.50 while supplies last.

Decidedly Not For The Mancave…

But easily the fail-safe gift for all, ceramic coasters with options for the clubhouse and Rae’s Creek art, or floral options for those so inclined. $14 each.

Superstroke, Masters Style

The beloved oversized putter grips have arrived in full Masters logo glory! The 1.30 inch diameter has been hugely popular with tour pros but never has sported a Masters logo. Until now. Just $29.

The Perfect Garden Flag

Everyone has seen a Masters yellow flag and if they’re lucky they’ve seen a signed one. But new to the shop this year and bound to turn up in a golf lovers' garden near you: Masters garden flags sporting one of the course’s beloved colors. Price: $25.

Thank Heaven For Girls!

Each year women have been getting more buying options and this year marks what looks like the most comprehensive of options for young ladies. Given the Drive, Chip and Putt’s success and the number of daughters tagging along with mom and dad, the Masters shop offers numerous possibilities for the under 18 female set. Take your pick, because the real news here is that there are options galore.

Performance Yes, Flat-Brimmed, No.

The Masters is fully embracing performance caps but the brims are decidedly bent, making it tough to buy for the 15-year-old boy in your family. That said, the colors are getting more ambitious and the fabrics more modern. But you still sense that the Masters hat options are needing either a little more modern fit, or a little more hardcore retro, or a fun combination of the two as we’ve seen recently from Nike and Taylor Made.

The Must Have Item Of 2016

Augusta National commissioned CatStudio for this blissfully bold, totally un-Masters like piece of hand-crafted art that has been applied to a pillow, dishtowel, poster and these lively, 12-color frosted glasses. $35 for a set of two.

Time-Stamped Posters By Lee Wybranski

The beauty of Lee Wybranski’s art can be seen not just in the warm, timeless colors, but in his perfect blend of timeless with a touch of current charm. The artist at other golf majors is now contributing pieces for The Masters and starts with a course map rendering and two traditional railway art-style posters commemorating the 80th playing of the Masters. While some prefer a poster that is not time-stamped, I love the singling out of an anniversary and dates. Ten years from now the date will conjure up warm memories of a great visit to The Masters. Assuming, of course, that you were here.

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