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The Arnie Award: Golfers Who Give Back

Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson and Jake Owen follow the Palmer method.

Golfers Who Give Back: Peyton Manning

‘You see the look on the faces of these parents—they’re scared—and you just feel for them and wonder, what can we do to help?’ More about Golfers Who Back: The Arnie Award →

New Secret: Power Poses
The Power Pose: The Skill Of Body Language

Best-selling author Amy Cuddy, Ph.D., analyzes how posture affects performance

Best Swing On Tour (And 7 More Bests)

These are the top tour pros—from the best driver to the best putter

Butch Harmon
The Right Way to Add Turn

Greg Norman's backswing key was brilliant

Exclusive Interview
Q&A: Donald Trump On Golf & The Presidency

The Republican presidential candidate on how he'd run the country versus how he runs his golf business; how much golf he'd play as president; and what problems he could solve on the course

Golf & TV
Why David Feherty Is Walking

Sources say the popular announcer had designs on a bigger role, which is bound to influence where he heads next.

Smartphone Commandments
The New Rules of Smartphone Use

What's acceptable on the course, and what's not? Your guide to the technology that's helping reshape golf in a new generation's image

Jaime Diaz
Free Fall

The latest episode in Tiger Woods’ painful public meltdown—deactivated glutes!—has made the former World No. 1’s comeback all the more uncertain.

Jaime Diaz
Charlie Sifford's Life A Lesson In Perseverance, But A Reminder Of What Could Have Been

The difficult road traveled by Charlie Sifford, who died Tuesday at 92, has opened the door for scores of others

Pete McDaniel
Nobody's Fool

Charlie Sifford had a well-earned edge, even to those who knew him best

Opinion | The Golf Life
The Super Six In Women's Golf for 2014

From the LPGA to the R&A, a year of progress

Health & Fitness
Alternate Routes

When our editors try to get into golf shape, their workouts vary

The Captains Matrix: Passion + Humility = Victory

What qualities do the best Ryder Cup captains possess?

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