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Matthew Rudy

Matthew Rudy is Golf Digest’s senior instruction writer. He has co-written more than 20 golf books with teachers like Hank Haney, Dave Stockton and Stan Utley, but he still can’t get off the tee on the ninth hole at his home club.
How He Hit That
Masters 2019: Never mind copying a tour player—you should swing like Augusta legend Jeff Knox

Augusta National's top club player has no extra moves in his swing

Bigger Things In 2019
HEEEE’S BACK! Tiger Woods’ former coaches think a major is now realistic

His former teachers have watched from afar over the last year . . . and they all like what they see

Hero World Challenge
Tiger Woods starts the Hero World Challenge with a flat 73, eight off the lead

A chunked chip into the hazard doomed his round

Hero World Challenge
Rickie Fowler says he's ready to keep up with the rest of the 20-somethings

The defending Hero World Challenge champion is motivated to break his major streak in '19

How He Hit That
Jar your next pressure putt like Ryder Cup killer Ian Poulter

Learn how to set your focus to take the emotional spikes out of your routine

How He Hit That
Ryder Cup 2018: Find every fairway and green like Moliwood

Check your grip and spine angle for more precision

How He Hit That
Copy what Ryder Cup players do to take fear out of short game shots

Throw the head to start using the bounce

How He Hit That
Steal Bryson DeChambeau's secret to swing consistency

Get better swing plane where it matters, near the ball

How He Hit That
You can curve it out of trouble like Justin Thomas

Cheat your aim and curve toward the safest area around your target

How He Hit That
Better putting can come from small adjustments. Just ask Gary Woodland.

Subtle tweaks to your equipment can pay huge confidence dividends

How He Hit That
Stop swinging harder and start swinging smarter

When you release the club is more important than hand speed

How He Hit That
How to handle sketchy short-game situations on and around the green

Risk management and good technique are the keys

How He Hit That
Simplify your swing geometry like Francesco Molinari

Keeping a key relationship between your arms and body gives you a fast path to the ball

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