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Matthew Rudy

Matthew Rudy is Golf Digest’s senior instruction writer. He has co-written more than 20 golf books with teachers like Hank Haney, Dave Stockton and Stan Utley, but he still can’t get off the tee on the ninth hole at his home club.
Mastering Collection Areas
Try Mike Adams' three par-saving shots from collection areas

Mastering collection areas comes down to knowing the best option

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A competitor's playbook: The workingman’s 30-day guide to cramming for your biggest event

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Welcome to the world of Hyper Fit golfers

Advances in performance technology are fundamentally changing how the game’s best players train and recover. And there are lessons for the rest of us

How He Hit That
Matthew Wolff's swing isn't as unusual as you think

The new PGA Tour winner's move might not be typical, but parts of it are right out of Tour Player Central Casting

How He Hit That
You, too, can hit Gary Woodand's tight-lie green chip

Make contact with the ground in the right place and the shot isn't too hard

How He Hit That
U.S. Open 2019: The key to Pebble Beach's tiny greens? Hit it high

Controlling trajectory will be extremely important this week

How He Hit That
Masters 2019: Never mind copying a tour player—you should swing like Augusta legend Jeff Knox

Augusta National's top club player has no extra moves in his swing

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