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Butch Harmon

Butch Harmon is a Golf Digest Teaching Professional and No. 1 on our list of America's Best Teachers. Harmon runs the Butch Harmon School of Golf, at Rio Secco, Henderson, Nev.
Tee to Green
Use Butch Harmon's keys to simplify bunker shots

Beat stress by getting a few basic things right out of the sand

Play Your Best | Tee to Green
What Pure Feels Like: Three moves to help you find the sweet spot

Three moves that help find the sweet spot

Play Your Best | From Tee to Green
When the Chipping Gets Rough

Match your setup and swing to the lie

Slice fix
Butch Harmon's two-step slice fix

Two simple fixes for a better ball flight

Play Your Best | Tee to Green
Hit More Greens

Take an extra club, focus on the strike

News & Tours
Butch Harmon: What I’ve Learned From My Players

The best lessons my players have taught me and how they can help you

Tee to green
Be A Better Lag Putter And Control Your Distance

Forget more speed, think more stroke

Play Your Best | Tee to Green
How To Make The Ball Curve

Don't make hitting a draw or a fade complicated

Butch's Clutch Putting Clinic
Be Like Tiger: Beat Pressure With A Relentless Routine

Here's how to roll them in when it matters most

Tee to Green by Butch Harmon
How To Stay Aggressive From Short Distances

Don't baby your wedge shots

Tee To Green
Finding Control Off The Tee

Distance without control isn't worth much

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