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Get ready to puke your guts out at this UC San Diego bad beat for the ages

January 12, 2023

If you’re pinching your betting pennies this week getting ready for the NFL playoffs, you made the right call. There’s some bad juju in the air, but nowhere more thick or smog-like than UC San Diego, where the Tritons (+3.5) conspired to blow an 18-point second-half lead to UC Riverside on Wednesday night, culminating with one of the single most stomach-churning bad beats you will ever see. Viewer discretion is advised.

If you think that beat is bad on paper, just wait. There’s video evidence. You might want to grab a bucket for this one.

Now listen, if you’re betting UCSD-UC Riverside on a random Wednesday night in January, you have bigger problems to iron out than the Tritons failing to cover while up 21.5 on the spread in the second half. That's little consolation though. This is still an early frontrunner for bad beat of the year. In fact it’s so bad it's almost suspicious. He throws it right to the guy like Carson Wentz to a middle linebacker. Then, instead of dribbling out the last half second, the Riverside player chucks up a three which banks in. Conspiracy? Collusion? Probably not, but whatever helps you sleep at night, sweetheart.