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Nate Bargatze tells funny story about meeting Tiger Woods, honors the golf great in new comedy special

January 26, 2023

In an interview with Golf Digest last year, comedian Nate Bargatze promised he was working some golf into his next comedy special. Turns out, the entire title of it is a not-so-subtle tribue to Tiger Woods.

The Nashville standup's latest work, "Hello, World," comes out on Prime Video on Jan. 31. And as golf fans are well aware, that's how Tiger introduced himself at the famous 1996 press conference in which he turned pro. Great quote. Great title. We're in come the end of this month.

And earlier this week, Bargatze sat down with another celebrity golfer, Jimmy Fallon, to discuss his upcoming special, the golf-themed title, and his meeting with Woods, which produced the funny photo above. Have a watch:

"This was a big deal for me," Bargatze says of meeting Tiger. "This was it."

"Juding by this photo," Fallon responds, "I'm not sure you did meet Tiger Woods." Classic.

Bargatze adds he was able to tell Tiger about the title of the special in their brief interaction. "It was a lot for him to take in," Bargatze jokes.

As you may have guessed, Bargatze is an avid golfer and a huge Tiger fan. He plays to a 4-handicap and has even started playing in some local tournaments. He admitted he also has an ulterior motive for his golf references.

"It’s just a nod that I play so that people might ask me to come play places," Bargatze told Golf Digest. "'Hey, that guy’s a big golfer!’ So it doesn’t hurt me to throw a golf joke in, just as a reminder."

Smart man.