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Players 2023: Max Homa not even flinching when asked to sign a fan’s forehead is the clutchest performance of the weekend

Max Homa got off to a rocky start at The Players Championship on Thursday, looking as agitated as we’ve ever seen the Golf-Twitter-phenom-turned-actual-golf-superstar. But he took a deep breath, clocked in, and let the course come to him. By Sunday, he was in contention yet again, even smoking the flagstick with his tee shot on the par-4 12th.

Despite his weekend turnaround at TPC Sawgrass, however, Homa’s clutchest performance came off the course, barely batting an eye as a grown man asked him to sign his forehead. One tall glass of ice water coming right up.

Montana-esque. If you still had questions about this kid’s ability to compete for major championships, this should pretty much answer them. He just wrapped up four days of non-stop, high-stakes concentration and some punk immediately starts pestering him for his best pickup line (HE’S HAPPILY MARRIED, DUDE, ARE YOU TRYING TO GET HIM KILLED?!). Then suddenly, out of the wild blue yonder, some guy is like “sign my face.”

That would be enough to rattle most mere mortals, but not Homa. There’s not a single discernible quiver in his Sharpie as he scrawls “Max Wuz Here” onto the man’s domepiece. Even if he didn’t end up taking home Golden Boy on Sunday, his performance outside the ropes was one for the ages. It took cojones, chutzpah, grit. All the things you need to contend for one of the big ones this majors season.