Well Played

Keith Mitchell reposts viral video of himself that was taken down by PGA Tour, wins over Golf Twitter

March 12, 2023

At some point ahead of Sunday's final round of the 2023 Players Championship, the PGA Tour took down a clip of Keith Mitchell from Friday's second round that had been posted by someone on Twitter. What's the big deal? Well, it was a pretty entertaining clip. And this is just the latest example of a troubling trend that's been happening for years.

To be clear, the PGA Tour is well within its rights to do this under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (More commonly known as DMCA). But it's also well within the rights of golf fans to complain about the "cops" or the "fun police" showing up every time it happens. And, yes, Golf Twitter always notices.

But by Sunday afternoon, our tight-knit community had back that amusing (at least, to us) video of Mitchell doing a vicious club slam after hitting a drive into the water right before a loud horn alerting play was being suspended sounded. And we also had a new hero in . . . Keith Mitchell?

Yep, the PGA Tour winner provided the biggest twist of this tournament yet by reposting the video himself. And poking fun of the entire situation:

Well played, Keith. The 31-year-old may have hit a poor shot in that clip and lost his cool, but he won over a bunch of new fans. And it will only help the man Golf Twitter has dubbed Cashmere Keith in the Player Impact Program standings, so really, it's a pretty savvy move.

Whether or not this leads to any sort of bigger policy change from the tour regarding these videos remains to be seen. But having one of its own players rebel like this can't hurt. Thanks, Keith. Not all heroes wear capes—some wear cashmere.