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Players 2023: Colt Knost's pissed-off reaction to Tom Hoge breaking his course record was absolutely classic

March 11, 2023

As the old saying goes, "Records are meant to be broken." Which is why, usually, athletes just accept it when someone betters their mark, and they always offer some version of "I'm happy for" so-and-so when they're asked about it. Even if they don't really mean it, because it's just the classy thing to do. But it's also the boring thing to do, which is why we loved seeing what Colt Knost did on Saturday.

A current member of the CBS Golf team, Knost has this week off as the Players Championship falls under NBC's coverage. But the former PGA Tour pro still had an eye on the tour's flagship event while playing with some buddies—especially late in the third round when Tom Hoge had a putt to break the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course record.

Why was Knost so invested? Well, the 2007 U.S. Amateur champion happens to share that record with nine other people thanks to the 63 he shot in the second round of the 2016 Players. Make that happened to share the record. Because Hoge made a 10th birdie to shoot 62—and Knost was not happy about it. At all. Check it out:

What an absolutely classic reaction. "NO!" Then when asked if Hoge had missed, Knost responded, "No, he made it. Golf history. It's over, guys." He seems legitimately devastated. And great job by tour pro Scott Harrington capturing this on video and stoking the flames with the, "Ohhh, Colt."

So why is this such a big deal to Knost? Well, to be blunt, his PGA Tour career wasn't quite on the same level as his amazing amateur career so this is pretty much his claim to fame as a pro. Or, rather, it was his claim to fame. Guess this isn't the time to remind Colt that he could have shot 62 also if he hadn't bogeyed his final hole seven years ago . . .

Sorry, Colt. But also, thank you, Colt, for your honesty. That was a lot more entertaining than hearing you say you're happy for Tom Hoge.