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How to stay cool during hot summer rounds, according to our editors

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July 21, 2022

We’ve reached that point in the summer where brutally hot temperatures are combined with even higher humidity forecasts, making for quite the sweaty day on the golf course. A hardcore player will brace heavy downpours and frigid wind chill, so what’s a little heat? Well, a round of golf in the humidity can be a tough condition to play in and dangerous if you are not adequately prepared.

Luckily, there are dozens of products available for golfers to serve this exact purpose. We asked our Golf Digest editors how they cope with sweaty conditions during the hottest rounds of the season, and they came up with some creative strategies and ideas. Are your hands perpetually clammy? Check out these three methods for combatting hand sweat that our editors offer. Are you looking for maximum sun protection on the course? Try our writers’ ideas for staying shaded throughout your round. Whether it’s a portable cooler, sun hat or reflective umbrella, here are the best ways to stay cool for the hottest golf days of the year.

Mission Cooling Bucket Hat UPF 50

"I use this vented, lightweight bucket hat that I douse in water. When activated with water, it cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in 30 seconds. Plus, it protects my face and neck from the sun." — Michael Vernick, Sr. Product Manager
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$24 | Amazon
Nuun Sport: Electrolyte Drink Tablets, Cirtus Berry Mixed Box

"When it’s hot, just plain water isn’t going to cut it. I wrote a story with LPGA Tour physio Chris Wicker where he explained that when you’re sweating, you’re losing more than just water, so you need to replenish with electrolytes. He said sodium is key, and you don’t want to take in too much sugar. There are a lot of hydration products out there, but I love Nuun. The company offers tasty flavors without being sugary, and the tablets are lightweight so they are easy to store in your bag. I just carry a water bottle and fill it up at water stations on-course. Every other bottle I fill, I plop a Nuun tablet in and I’m good to go." — Keely Levins, Staff Writer


$29 | Amazon
Sun Tek 68" UV Protection Wind Cheater Vented Canopy Umbrella

“When a course has little-to-no shade, the best way to combat the sun is using a 'sunbrella,' as I like to call it. I used to make fun of my best friend for using one, until I tried it. These UV protection umbrellas aren't just your standard golf umbrella: The silver coating reflects heat to cool you down. It's especially useful when you pair it with the umbrella-holder extension on your push cart. It might look funny, but you'll be standing in the shade all day while your playing partners melt in the sun.” — Daria Delfino, Equipment Coordinator


$35 | Amazon

Push carts with umbrella attachment:

TourTrek A.T.V. 360 All Terrain Golf Cart
$299 | Dick's Sporting Goods
Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart
$279 | Dick's Sporting Goods
Caddytek CaddyLite 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart
$149 | Amazon
PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure

"Golf rounds are long, and they feel even longer on a hot day. Playing college golf, we don't get the luxury of riding in a cart equipped with a cooler, so I use a portable freezer bag. The Packit lunch box freezes overnight and is the perfect storage accessory to keep water, food and your chilly towel cold during the hot summer months." — Jill Beglin, Marketing Intern


$25 | Amazon
Lululemon Commission Classic-Fit Short 7" *Ventlight

"Sometimes I forget I'm even wearing these shorts when I have them on—these are the linen pajamas of golf shorts. If you are like me and worried about showing sweat on those scorcher days on the course, these are the shorts for you. Comfortable, lots of pockets, can't go wrong." — Dan Lawenda, Account Executive

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$88 | lululemon
Oakley Radar EV Path

"Having a comfortable pair of sunglasses to wear with protective lenses is key for me on hot sunny days. This Oakley pair is so lightweight that I don't even feel them on my face after a few holes. Also, Nelly Korda has been spotted wearing this pair so I try to channel her energy on the course when I wear them." — Christina Parsells, Social Media Manager
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$261 | Oakley
Portable Misting Fan

"There can be little heat relief on the course during the peak of summer. Finding a product that cools you down is key. This clippable, misting fan will attach to any golf cart, allowing you a bit of relief when temperatures get super, super hot. It’s portable and operates for four-to-six hours, making it the ideal solution for a scorching round of golf." — Stephen Hennessey, Deputy Managing Editor


$42 | Amazon
Calia Women's Golf UV Protection Mock Neck Long Sleeve Polo

"For years I thought people who wore long sleeves in the summer were crazy until I tried a sun shirt. With the right materials, ventilation and wicking properties, these shirts will protect you from the sun and keep you cool. This top from Calia is engineered to pull moisture (read: sweat) away from your skin and evaporate it almost instantly, which creates a cooling effect." — Brittany Romano, Product Editor

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$65 | Golf Galaxy
ShadeTee with Telescopic Pole - Range Green

"My dad is the type of golfer that won’t let anything get in the way of grinding on the range. He’s been a golf instructor for more than 30 years and takes sun protection very seriously. I recently met him out on the range on a particularly warm day and saw he had this umbrella contraption set up to give him shade. At first I thought it was a joke, but when I needed to take a break and walked over to the shaded area after a few swings and he kept swinging under his personal shaded bay, I realized he was a genius." — Lauren Occhipinti, Design Lead
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$179 | Anderson Golf
Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Instant Cooling Towel

"If you don’t come to the course with a cooling towel on a 90-degree day, you’re not doing it right. This handy accessory is easy to stuff in your bag and the technology will blow your mind: Just drench your towel in a cooler for a few seconds, wring it out and drape it over your neck. It will stay at a cold temperature for hours and instantly cool you down when you’re walking in between shots." — Gabrielle Herzig, Contributing Editor

$13 | Amazon
FootJoy RainGrip Pair

"I wear a rain glove at all times because my hands are sweaty even in 55-degree weather. When it gets above 90, I've gotta add a second. Yeah, it doesn't look cool. But I'd rather look geeky shooting 72 then cool shooting 85." — Dan Rapaport, Staff Writer

$23 | FootJoy
Adidas Sport HEAT.RDY Sleeveless Dress

"Growing up playing golf in the desert, I was always trying to find ways to keep cool on the course. What you wear plays a huge role in your overall body temperature, so pay attention to the material and style of your clothes before you hit the course in the summer. This Adidas dress is made with lightweight recycled materials. And the sleeveless design not only keeps you cool but prevents the dreaded golf tans, too." — Jill Beglin, Marketing Intern
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$110 | Adidas
2Toms GripShield Non-Sticky Grip Enhancer

"These GripShield drops are a life saver for me. They create a natural moisture barrier that improves your grip instantly, and yes, it's legal for tournament play. I apply a couple of drops every few holes, and I can swing freely without fear of launching my 7-iron in my follow through." — Robbie Keyes, Social Media Coordinator

$12 | Amazn
Evian Facial Spray

"A cooling face spray is a nice little refresher between holes. It’ll cool you down, set your makeup and give you a second to gather your thoughts if things are getting heated." — Brittany Romano, Product Editor

$14 | Amazon
Club Glove Tandem Microfiber Golf Towel

"One of the best things you can do on a particularly humid day is clean your grips before and after every shot to prevent your hands from slipping later in the round. I like to carry a large Club Glove microfiber towel. Out of all the golf towels I've used, it seems like the texture on this one provides the deepest clean." — Gabrielle Herzig, Contributing Editor

$19 | Dick's Sporting Goods
YETI Rambler 26 oz. Bottle

"My Yeti is a staple for hot rounds. It’s just the right size—not too big and bulky but holds a lot of liquid. It keeps my Gatorade cold with ice all day long, plus, there are a ton of colors to choose from." — Meredith Bausback, Vice President, Marketing & Audience Development

$40 | Yeti
Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

"Something I don’t like to admit but I deal with constantly: My hands sweat. But when it’s hot, and I’m finishing up my pre-round range session, my hands really sweat. I recently had a revelation that I wanted to find a solution to this problem, and I stumbled upon a hand antiperspirant cream called Carpe. The recommended use is twice a day for four weeks to start, but the effects can be felt almost immediately after applying." — Kyle Horn, Senior Manager, Business Development & Partnerships

$29 | Amazon
Sun Bum SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm

"One trick I learned from riding the NYC subway during hot summers was to pop my lip balm in the freezer before I go to bed. It’ll still work while frozen but will also cool you down as I use it. I now bring one to the course whenever temps are forecasted above 80." — Brittany Romano, Product Editor

$4 | Amazon
Nike Dri-FIT Victory Men's Golf Polo

"This Nike golf shirt is the first piece I reach for when I'm getting ready to play in super hot weather. It's so lightweight, and the blade collar allows for less material on the neck and more air flow." — Jared Goldstein, Producer/Editor

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$58 | Nike
Johnson & Johnson Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder

"This is cheating, kinda. Baby powder won’t actually keep you cool, but if it’s hot enough to be obsessing over cooling products, it’s hot enough for your hands to sweat. And if it’s hot enough for your hands to sweat, it’s time to apply some baby powder. There’s nothing worse than feeling like the club is spinning in your hands or going to go flying after contact. A little powder in the glove and on your bare hand should soak up that moisture and allow you to swing without death gripping your club." — Jared Goldstein, Producer/Editor


$23 | Amazon