Beat the heat

How to stay cool during hot summer rounds, according to our editors

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We’ve reached that point in the summer where brutally hot temperatures are combined with even higher humidity forecasts, making for quite the sweaty day on the golf course. A hardcore player will brace heavy downpours and frigid wind chill, so what’s a little heat? Well, a round of golf in the humidity can be a tough condition to play in and dangerous if you are not adequately prepared.

Luckily, there are dozens of products available for golfers to serve this exact purpose. We asked our Golf Digest editors how they cope with sweaty conditions during the hottest rounds of the season, and they came up with some creative strategies and ideas. Are your hands perpetually clammy? Check out these three methods for combatting hand sweat that our editors offer. Are you looking for maximum sun protection on the course? Try our writers’ ideas for staying shaded throughout your round. Whether it’s a portable cooler, sun hat or reflective umbrella, here are the best ways to stay cool for the hottest golf days of the year.