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Must-have golf trip and travel essentials, according to Golf Digest Editors

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April 19, 2022

You don’t have to be a seasoned traveler to pack like one. Sometimes just the swap of a suitcase or addition of a bag clip can make all the difference to mitigate the stress that comes in preparing for an approaching golf trip. We asked Golf Digest editors to share their favorite travel products, so you can focus on your game, not your luggage.
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Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate Travel Cover with Stiff Arm

“I got this bag when I played college golf and have never had any problems with damaged clubs. The bag is durable-yet-lightweight and comes with an adjustable support rod to absorb the force of impact during bumpy travel conditions.”

$299 | DICK'S Sporting Goods
Away The Bigger Carry-On

“The lifetime warranty on this suitcase is no joke, I had one break at Augusta National and the company overnighted me a new one. I can fit three weeks of stuff into the larger carry-on and it’ll go into the overhead for most airlines.”

$295 | Away

Editors also love

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag
$230 | Dagne Dover
lululemon Convertible Duffle Bag
$198 | lululemon
Eddie Bauer Bygone 45L Duffel
$97 | Eddie Bauer
OGIO Alpha Recon 320 Backpack

“It's remarkable how many essentials the countless pockets fit: two laptops, charging cords, toiletries, sunglasses, snacks, headphones and the bottomless stack of New Yorkers I've been trying to catch up on. There’s also the added benefit of how wearing a backpack makes other travelers think you're younger than you are. At least that's what this middle-aged editor tells himself.”

$65 | Amazon
Apple AirPods Pro

“Over-the-head noise-cancellation headphones used to be my go-to, but these babies block the sound just as well and take up a fraction of the space.”

$249 $175 | Amazon

Editors also love

Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones
$200 | Beats
Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Headphones
$329 | Amazon
Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds
$228 | Amazon
Bivo One 21 oz Water Bottle

“On the road it's easy to slip into the bad habit of buying bottled water wherever I go, so to combat my single use plastic count, I travel with a water bottle—preferably a stainless steel one. Designed by a cyclist, this one has a high-flow nozzle so you're not messing around with popping a straw out, or unscrewing a lid, or dealing with air bubbles interrupting your gulps of water.”

$39 | Bivo
Que The Collapsible Water Bottle
$20 | que Bottle
Yeti Rambler 18 oz Bottle
$30 | Yeti
Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier Packs
$24 | Liquid I.V.
Calpak Portable Charger

“This compact charger doubles as a luggage tag to check the boxes on two items I always seem to forget to grab before a trip. Having the piece of mind that my devices will stay charged and I can keep track of my luggage makes stressful travel days just a little easier.”

$32 | CALPAK
Anker PowerCore Portable Charger
$50 | Amazon
Mophie Universal Powerstation
$20 | Amazon
Tumi Accents Kit
$100 | Amazon
Travelon Bag Bungee

"This bungee slips over the handle of your suitcase and can secure a second bag or jacket. It’s a great option to hold a backpack when your shoulders need relief or for keeping luggage together during layovers.”

$19 | Amazon
FootJoy HydroTour Rain Jacket

“No matter what the forecast says while you are packing, always, always, always bring a rain jacket. Packable options are great to stick into the pocket of your golf bag, but I usually wrap my regular rain gear around my club shafts for extra protection and to save space packing.”

$295 | FootJoy
Vessel VLX Golf Stand Bag

"When I'm trying to sneak in a quick round or want to have my clubs with me on a trip JUST in case, I bring my Vessel Sunday Bag. It fits the essentials and has a wipe-away exterior that is easy to clean. I've had the white version for a few years now and it looks like new even after throwing it into the car, taking it on the train and flying with it several times. The Sunday Bag is sold out right now, but the VLX Stand Bag is a close match. It's slightly bigger but also has the easy-clean leather exterior and a sleek, lightweight design that won't take up too much room in the trunk."

$335 | Vessel
Gorilla Gold Non-Toxic Grip-Enhancing Reusable Towel

"My favorite bag accessory is Gorilla Gold, which allows you to hold onto the club in the wettest conditions. It tacks up grips without a sticky feel to repel moisture and give you better control. It's great to have on the road so that the rain never ruins a round, especially one you've traveled far for."

$9 | Amazon
Sun Mountain 2021 ClubGlider Meridian Travel Golf Bag

"I pack my golf travel bag right up to the 50-pound limit, which makes it pretty tough to lug around airports and rental car parking lots. I got this Sun Mountain travel bag and haven't looked back. Pull the stand out and your bag becomes basically weightless. Ok, not weightless, but I forget about how heavy the bag is until I pop my rental car's trunk. It's incredibly convenient: The gap between the legs and the bottom wheels is properly spaced out so that I don't have an issue on escalators in airports. The stand can be a little tough to pop out, but once you get it you're in for a much-improved airport experience."

$320 | DICK'S Sporting Goods
Paravel Fold-Up Backpack

“I can’t stand getting to my destination and having to dump out my travel bag to carry just my essentials to the course or wherever I’m exploring. Having an extra bag handy makes things so much easier—especially if you want to pick up a few souvenirs along the way.”

$65 | Paravel
Dagne Dover Dakota Neoprene Backpack
$200 | Dagne Dover
lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag
$38 | lululemon
Crab & Cleek Flagstick Shoe Bag
$80 | Crab & Cleek
Chirp Wheel+ 6" Deep Tissue

“To help me stay fresh during long trips or between rounds, I always pack this tiny massage wheel. As soon as I get to the hotel, I’ll roll out my feet and neck and then hit my legs before heading to the course.”

$50 | Amazon
Tech Candy The Hookup Universal Phone Lanyard

“A while back I got this lanyard to hook my phone to my golf bag, but recently started attaching it to my carry-on to keep track of my phone going through airport security and during take off.”

$18 | Tech Candy
lululemon Men's ABC Jogger Warpstreme

"The ABC Joggers from lululemon are one of my go-to golf pants, but they're also perfect for flying. If I could only wear these pants for every occasion, I think I probably would."

$128 | lululemon
Justin's Classic Almond Butter Packs

“Airport and rest-stop food options are not always the healthiest, I always pack a few travel-sized nut butter servings for when I’m in a pinch.”

$15 | Amazon
Bombas Women's Tri-Block Marl Ankle Sock 6-Pack

"No matter how prepared I think I am, I never seem to pack enough socks for golf trips and there is nothing worse than having to wear wet or dirty socks because you're running low. These ankle socks pack compactly, have a ton of cushioning in the footbed and are super soft. I also like that the company donates a pair of socks to homeless shelters for each pair purchased."

$71 | Bombas
OGIO Alpha Travel Cover

“This travel bag fits tour-sized clubs, but I use the extra space for shoes and clothes. So much easier than trying to squeeze rain gear into my carry-on when forecasts change last-minute.”

$220 | Golf Galaxy
The Laundress Crease Release Spray

“For a dry-cleaned look while travelling, wrinkle-remover sprays are a great hack. These sprays smooth out fabrics and give clothes a laundered look and smell—even after a few wears.”

$17 | Amazon
KT Tape BFF Blister Prevention Tape (30 Strips)

“I always keep a few of these in my wallet, golf bag, and they are an absolute essential when I travel, especially on those 36-hole days.”

$10 | Amazon
CaddyDaddy Golf Enforcer Hard Top Travel Cover

"I've only traveled a few times to play golf so don't have a tremendous amount of product that I can vouch for, but I do have a travel bag that I bought over four years ago on Amazon that I've used a number of times that is great. The hard top gives me piece of mind during travel and the soft body allows for easy storage for someone like me who lives in a small apartment. It's also significantly lighter than full hard cover cases, which helps with checking onto planes."

$170 | Amazon
Heroclip Small Carabiner Clip

"This handy clip is great for hooking your backpack or golf bag to pretty much anything. At the airport, I'll use it to clip my travel pillow on my backpack and on the course it's great to keep my water bottle handy during walking rounds."

$21 | Amazon
Peter Millar Men's Hyperlight Glide Sneaker

"These shoes are extra comfortable and easy to slide on and off at airport security if they make you. They're sneakers, but with their upscale styling, can be dressed up if you are in a pinch. The knit upper is breathable and makes for a lightweight feeling shoe—I'll often wear them to the driving range or to play a hole or two, if I can sneak off to the course during my trip." 

$165 | Peter Millar
Glove Stash Book

"I don't use this exclusively for travel, but always make sure it is in my bag before I leave for a trip. I love this thing because it keeps your gloves from turning into a ball in your golf bag. It keeps my gloves fresher longer and I never have to go searching at the bottom of my bag to find my glove."

$120 | Winston Collection
Men's IZOD Swingflex Classic-Fit Stretch Performance Golf Pants

"I like the IZOD SwingFlex pants. They're terrific because they don't wrinkle much (so no need to iron upon arrival) and they can double as either golf pants if the weather isn't overly warm (they're actually pretty lightweight so they rarely get super hot) or for pants to wear when going out. Anytime you can get dual uses out of something it's a win when packing."

$70 | Kohl's
Sun Mountain Kube Travel Cover

"I hate having to find space to store my travel bag when it is not in use. This one folds into a little cube and I can forget about it until I need it again."

$250 | Golf Galaxy
Nuun Hydration Drink Tablets

"I always have one of these in my golf bag and my travel bag. It's a nice little burst of electrolytes to have on hand because I never seem to drink enough water when I'm traveling. They taste great and even have caffeinated versions to give you a little extra energy to power through early morning flights and tee times." 

$27 | Amazon
lululemon Women's Stretch High-Rise Pant 7/8 Length

"These pants are great for when you're heading right to the course after a flight or a long drive. They don't wrinkle, like ever, and will stay fresh after several wears."

$118 | lululemon
Hoka Women's Clifton Edge Sneakers

"These sneakers from Hoka make long walks between gates just a little more enjoyable. Whether it’s a 2-hour travel day or a 12-hour travel day, I wear these for almost every trip, and my feet are never sore. Plus, they make a great backup golf shoe if yours get waterlogged on your trip."

$160 | Hoka
Apple AirTag

"If you misplace everything—like I may or may not do—you need an Apple AirTag for your next trip. It’s a huge stress reliever to know where your essentials are at all times. No more worrying if you left your keys in the hotel room while you’re on the flight home. And a real veteran move is to throw one in your golf bag or checked luggage."

$29 | Apple