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How to find the best golf deals online—and which ones to avoid

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Updated on October 11, 2023

With seemingly endless options for clubs, outer gear, training aids, sun protection, and apparel, shopping for golf gear online can seem like a quagmire to rival the grittiest of water hazards. But, just like navigating a tricky hole can be made more manageable with a few easy steps and considerations, so too can online shopping. And with Amazon's Prime Day going on July 11-12, now’s the time to prepare and hone your online shopping golf skills.
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Know what to buy online
Let’s go ahead and get the biggest question out of the way: what, exactly, is worth buying online in the world of golf?

Any basics you know you’ll use, and don’t require fittings or measurements, are ideal for taking advantage of online sales like Amazon Prime Day. Things to buy online include evergreen protective gear like sunscreen or bucket hats you can never have too many of, as well as lower-priced (and therefore lower stakes for online ordering) on-course accessories like tees or hydration drinks.
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Try out larger purchases in-store first
There’s no hard and fast rule against buying larger, more personal golfing gear like bags or clubs online. The important thing is that you take in all the considerations you’d normally think about if you were in a store being prompted and facilitated by an expert or fitter. To that end, you don’t want to buy your new set of clubs online without giving them a go first, no matter how sweet that sale might be. That doesn’t mean all is lost, though. Call your local pro shop or sporting equipment store and see if they’re running the same sale, or if they have the equipment you want (or something comparable) on hand for you to take for a quick swing.
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And if the sale really is too good to resist, for riskier purchases (pricey tech, upscale raingear, clubs, etc.), not to jinx things, but make sure they’re easily returnable.

Research ahead of time
Similarly, the best way to take advantage of an event like Amazon Prime Day is to plan ahead of time. Stop by a few pro shops or equipment stores and test run anything you have your eye on. This could be golf shoes, apparel, clubs, bags, or balls. This reconnaissance spree is not only fun, it also serves as market research. Just by taking note of what's available in stores will help you assess what you want online.
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Set alerts or create wish lists to track prices
Add items to your cart or to a wish list to keep track of so you’re ready the day of.

Remember, not every brand is on Amazon—or at the pro shops
If you’re not seeing exactly what you want in stores or on conglomerate sites like Amazon, try looking into smaller golf brands that sell fewer—and more niche—products, usually from their own sites. Chances are they’ll be running similar deals to keep up with the competitive market.

If you are shopping during the Amazon Prime Day event, you can filter results to search small businesses or shop businesses by region. Amazon uses a storefront icon to identify small business brands, which includes shops that employ fewer than 100 people and have less than $50 million in annual revenues.

Be wary of “fake” deals
And while you’re already researching goods, make a note of pre-sale prices. Some deals aren’t really all they advertise themselves to be. For example, a product might be ramped up in price leading up to the sale, only then to drop back to a standard price and label itself as a “sale.”

Another pro tip: You can download apps that help consumers analyze price drops, like Honey, directly onto your computer.

Shop strategically
Don’t forget to check sales pricing laterally as well, meaning don’t assume the price you’re seeing is the best deal—cross-reference using trusted sporting cites or the brand’s own website.

If you are hunting on Amazon Prime Day, many other companies will run sales as well in order to compete with the online behemoth.

Stick with what you know
There’s a caveat to one aforementioned rule. If you already have your go-to golf shoes, or quarter-zips, or golf balls, or polos, and you know your sizes and fits, go crazy with the online shopping. Take advantage of the sale deals to stock up on your go-to looks and accessories, guilt-free.
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Think about what you’ll actually use
We can all fall prey to online marketing, probably in more ways than we realize. And when that shirt that we thought would make us feel like a golf mag model comes in and our game is none the wiser, it can feel disheartening. One way to avoid this classic online golf shopper’s dilemma is to constantly consider what you’ll actually use. For example, if you’re searching for the perfect training aid, will you really make use of that Doppler data? Or will a good old-fashioned putting mirror do the trick just fine? Similarly, if it’s apparel you’re in the market for, don’t be afraid to stock up on the basics. You can’t have too many classically tailored navy polos (or whatever it is that makes you feel and play awesomely).

Don’t forget to research what you need, and not just what you want
The 3 a.m. purchase is totally a thing. Save those middle-of-the-night moments for the polo with the crazy print or the neon-light-up golf balls. Use these sales events to get the stuff you don’t always think of, like insect repellant, divot repair tools, golf towels, electrolyte powders, and the likes.

(But also, who are we kidding, throw in that funky floral polo too!)

Shop with your values
Finally, it can feel overwhelming online shopping for golf gear. There are so many options, in so many different colors and textures. Where to begin? Start by making a list (mental or otherwise!) of your values. Is sustainability important to you? What about quality or brand awareness? Do you want everything to be Made in the USA? Are you looking for items no one else will have? Or is quality and high ratings your most important purchasing factor? Getting your priorities in line—not unlike in golfing—will help you make split-second decisions and narrow down your options when you’re torn between so many good ones.

And have fun!
Golfers are infamous for mixing business with pleasure. That post-game cigar or Transfusion also makes for the perfect shopping companion.