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Amazon golf deals: Five products that will help your game

July 12, 2019

With Amazon Prime Day just around the corner (July 15-16), keep an eye out for deals that will help your golf game and your wallet. The products we have our eyes on will help you develop a better all-around game, including strategy, physicality and style. The best part, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll get everything before that Sunday round! If you're not a Amazon Prime member, you can try it for free for 30-days, to get these five items from Amazon that will benefit your game.

This has it all. It serves as a GPS, measures your shots and their distances in order to provide post-round analysis, can pair with a golf-swing sensor to provide metrics on your motion, and keeps stats like fairways hit or greens in regulation. Along with health-tracking data like steps, distance and calories burned, this light and comfortable wristband really has it all for the avid golfer. Not to mention, it's rated as the No. 1 Best Seller in Golf Course GPS units on Amazon.
BUY NOW: $148

Sometimes the best gifts are the simple ones. Get your short game up to speed with this indoor green. The turf has alignment guides from three, five and seven feet to promote consistency, and a ball return saves time from retrieving your putts. It's easy to fit in any room with a portable construction.
BUY NOW: $35

Get your body loosened up before any round with this tool. Stretch your shoulders, back, waist and hips, train your body to develop optimal swing mechanics; and exercise the precise muscles to improve your game.
BUY NOW: $89

The Rules of Golf underwent a recent revision, and even the pros aren't 100 percent up on the new guidelines. Grabbing a copy if don't have one yet is key to understanding some of the friendlier rule changes this season.
BUY NOW: $27

These shades have UVA/UVB protection, Grilamid frames and golf-specific lens color and shape to improve your performance while ensuring you're playing in style.
BUY NOW: starting at $137