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This video of Evander Kane getting his wrist slashed open by a skate is one for the sickos only

November 09, 2022

One of the best updates to modern sports broadcasting isn’t Manningcast or eight-trillion K resolution. It’s the fact that gruesome injuries are no longer shown over and over on live TV like they used to be. If you’re the kind of sicko who wants to watch somebody’s leg get turned into a soft pretzel on repeat, you can always find the footage on Twitter, but if you're just trying chill and see if the over hits on a random weeknight, you're generally safe.

All of which brings us to Wednesday morning, hours after Oilers winger Evander Kane got his wrist opened up like a bag of chips by an errant skate blade, leading to a very serious on-ice emergency in Tampa. If you’re squeamish or if the sight of blood gives you the vapors, please tap out now. Nobody will blame you. This is your final CONTENT WARNING.

The look on Kane’s face as he speeds to the bench, blood rushing from his open wrist, tells the entire story. It was a truly scary scene but thankfully Kane was stabilized a short while later and transported to a local hospital where he underwent a procedure to close the gash.

After the game, Kane released this statement on the situation.

Kane has certainly taken his fair share of flack in recent years, much of it deserved, but he seems to have found a fresh start in Edmonton. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery and returns to the ice soon. In the meantime, go watch some cat videos or something and try to forget this clip ever existed.