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A Golf Twitter favorite is actually putting like Happy Gilmore in a PGA Tour event (UPDATE: It's not going well)

October 06, 2022

They say art imitates life, but one golfer has been clearly copying a cinematic masterpiece. And now his unorthodox putting method will be on full display at this week's PGA Tour event.

Spencer Levin has long been a Golf Twitter favorite for various stories that read like parts of a movie script, but his latest stroke looks straight out of the movie "Happy Gilmore." Apparently, Levin has been putting like Adam Sandler's character in the film, using a split-grip putter he found in his dad's garage.

It's not too surprising to learn of a tour pro trying something new on the greens, especially one who has been struggling. And we've seen plenty of pros try Happy's golf swing through the years. But what may surprise people is just how well Spencer has been putting since making the change. Have a look:

"The first day I used it, I made 11 birdies with it," Levin says in the video. "So ever since I've been using it. So, yeah, hopefully, I got more to it. More to that story."

Um, yeah, we'd keep doing it too if we made 11 birdies. No matter how dumb it made us look. Just taaaaaap it in, Spencer.

Turns out, the putter isn't the only unusual piece of equipment Levin, a current Korn Ferry Tour member who Monday qualified for this week's Shriners Children's Open, is using this week. His current bag is stocked with old clubs and other interesting items:

Amazing. No matter how Levin plays in Vegas, golf fans are at least finally getting some sort of "Happy Gilmore" sequel.

UPDATE: After one round, let's just say this different putting approach is NOT going well. Levin shot even par on Thursday, but that's despite being dead last in strokes gained putting among the field of 144 players.

Levin hit 13 of 14 fairways and 16 of 18 greens, but lost a staggering 4.3 strokes to the field on the greens. Yikes. Somewhere, Shooter McGavin is howling.