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Adam Sandler's 25th anniversary tribute to 'Happy Gilmore' is one of the most impressive things we've ever seen

February 16, 2021

Twenty-five years ago, an underdog everyone could get behind emerged in golf. He was a bit rough around the edges, but his intention of supporting his grandmother was noble. And boy, did he have some serious pop off the tee.

We're talking about Happy Gilmore, of course, and yes, you read that right. It's been 25 years since this Adam Sandler classic was released. Tiger Woods hadn't even turned pro yet!

A quarter century later, tributes poured in—at least, in the golf world—for this slapstick comedy about a guy with a powerful slapshot. But no one payed homage to Happy like Sandler himself. Check out this incredible video of the actor pulling off Gilmore's famed swing—and leaving a message for his rival, Shooter McGavin:

Classic. And good lord did it sound like Sandler got ahold of that one.

No move in sports has been attempted—and completely butchered—like Happy Gilmore's swing. But Sandler absolutely crushed that. The guy must actually have some seriously impressive hand-eye coordination in real life.

Maybe it's finally time for a sequel. Happy could really stir things up on the senior tour.