Fourth Meal

John Daly's drunken Taco Bell order is the stuff of legend


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Part of the reason John Daly is so loved by the masses—a big part of the reason, actually—is his relatability. Watching him rip a driver, take a swig of his SuperSized Diet Coke and throw a cigarette in his mouth reminds folks of themselves, minus the part where the golf ball travels over 300 yards.

It's a big part of the reason we were so bummed when the PGA of America announced that Big John pulled out of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill due to an injury. We were all looking forward to seeing him play at Oak Hill, even if his game isn't exactly what it was in his prime. His relatability factor never fades away.

Somehow, none of the normally relatable stuff Daly does, be it playing golf barefoot with an untucked shirt or grabbing a few beers at the turn, was as relatable as the move the two-time major champion pulled in December 2021. Because, my friends, there is simply nothing as relatable as a drunken food order.

Behold, Daly's $446.10 Taco Bell order on Uber Eats, which he proudly posted to his Instagram story with the caption "Don't drink and order Taco Bell on Uber Eats," a phrase we've all uttered to our hungover selves at some point in our lives:


Unfortunately, the rest of the receipt is cut off, so we'll never now how Daly spent the remaining... *checks notes*... THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY-SIX CENTS. The whole point of Taco Bell, other than ruining your body for the next 24-to-48 hours, is that you can craft a massive order and it comes out to like $27. Daly managed to rack up nearly half a G worth of T-Bell and 10 Cruncy Tacos and 10 Spicy Double Steak Burritos barely put him over the $100-mark. What the hell else did they get?!

Honestly, we're probably better off not knowing. My stomach is trembling just thinking about it, let alone actually consuming it.

(H/t: BroBible)