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The simple way to solve your leaf-rule blues on the golf course (If you don't mind looking like a total nut)

October 31, 2022

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There are brilliant, creative people everywhere. And some of them just happen to be golfers.

We know this just from a couple incredible examples in the past month. First, the person who solved the problem of damaged golf clubs during travel by putting a Home Depot bucket over the top of them. And now, someone else has figured out a way to get around the leaf-rule blues on the golf course:

A mini leaf blower! What a stroke of genius!

OK, so you'll probably get strange looks from everyone at the course, but who cares?! Is it worse than losing time—and golf balls—searching through piles of leaves? Didn't think so.

Look, fall golf is pretty awesome. We even put together a list of courses with fantastic FOLIAGE. It's a beautiful time of year. But there's nothing worse than wasting time on every hole looking for a golf ball that you know is right there.

Of course, there's just one small problem with this plan. You have to be careful avoiding moving your golf ball with the leaf blower—especially if you're actually playing in an event like our hero supposedly was.

But that can be solved by adding a "no penalty if you happen to move your ball with a leaf blower" amendment to the leaf rule. Which is already a made-up rule to begin with. Or is it? Regardless, if you're searching for a Christmas gift for the golfer in your life, you may have just found your answer.