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Dan Campbell couldn’t take his eyes off Bills-Vikings during his victory press conference, is all of us

November 14, 2022

Sunday was a good day to be a Detroit Lions fan. Yes, that’s a sentence we actually just typed. They entered the fourth quarter at Soldier Field trailing 24-10 before rattling off three final-frame touchdowns to take down the Bears 31-30. The win was Dan Campbell’s first road win as head coach of the Lions, the franchise’s first 14-point fourth-quarter comeback since 1993, and their first back-to-back wins since 2020. Needless to say, everybody—especially Campbell—was fired up.

Despite the late heroics in Chicago, however, the Lions staged only the second best comeback in their division on Sunday, as the Vikings rallied from 27-10 deficit late in third quarter to best the Buffalo Bills in a game that had a little bit of everything, from goalline fumbles, to horrible officiating, to the Catch of the Century™.

In fact, Bills-Vikings was so chaotic, magnetic, and glorious, not even Campbell—who was supposed to be discussing the biggest win of his coaching career to date—could take his eyes off it.

Football guys gonna football guy, amirite? Or maybe Campbell was just getting a jumpstart on the tape. The Lions get the Bills on Thanksgiving Day and the Vikings on December 11th. You bet your ass Campbell is going to be ready.