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Best Travel Cover

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March 29, 2021

When looking at travel bags, three boxes must be checked: It has to make the experience of traveling easier, it has to protect your clubs to the fullest and it needs enough space to store items for your trip. The upgraded Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian checks all three emphatically.

For storage there are enough pockets for everything from a pair (or two) of golf shoes, rain gear, a dozen balls and, on the way home, a bag of dirty laundry. At the airport, the pivoting wheels make maneuvering through check-in a breeze. Ditto the retractable stand, another feature that lets you tote the bag around with minimum effort.

An internal strap keeps the golf bag snug and not moving around inside. The ClubGlider also is upgraded with more and better protection to the clubheads with a new padded upper section that can fend off the most harsh toss of the bag onto the conveyor belt at the airport. After all, getting your bag there is important, but having your clubs be intact when they arrive is vital.