Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 3, 2018

Best Golf Umbrella

Who better to turn to than a golfing meteorologist when it comes to golf gear for the rain? TV meteorologist Rick Reichmuth designed the Weatherman golf umbrella, and it has everything you need for a rainy round. It's made out of Teflon-coated fabric to keep you and your clubs dry and has extra supports attached to the ribs to withstand high winds—as high as 55 miles per hour, if you're tough enough to play in those conditions.

This umbrella really proves itself when you start looking at the details. There's a mesh pocket inside the canopy where you can store your glove between shots, or put your card up there so it doesn't get wet.

You've probably hung your towel on the ribs of your golf umbrella, and it's probably slipped off and fallen a time or two. One of the ribs in this umbrella is coated with silicone, making it nonslip. Hang your towel there, and the silicone keeps it from falling.

If you tend to lose things, you'll be happy that this umbrella has a Bluetooth feature that pairs with an app on your phone to show you where your umbrella is. The app also tells you the weather—so you'll know when you need to bring your umbrella to the course.

Weatherman, 62-inch ($89) and 68-inch ($95)


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