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The Concession Golf Club


March 24, 2020

Best Golf Umbrella

If you can’t trust a meteorologist who plays golf to design your golf umbrella, then can you really trust anyone? Rick Reichmuth, chief meteorologist for Fox News, designed this umbrella to have all the little things a golfer needs while playing in the rain. As anyone who has played in the rain knows, a golf umbrella needs to be more than just a big canopy—which it does have. It’s available in 62- and 68-inch diameters and is made of a fabric coated in Teflon to keep you and your gear dry. On the inside of the Weatherman’s canopy you’ll find a mesh pocket—a dry place to store your glove between shots. One of the ribs inside the canopy is coated with silicone. That covering makes it nonslip, so you can hang a dry towel up there knowing that it won’t fall to the ground. If you’re tough enough to play in rain and wind, feel confident knowing this umbrella held up in winds as high as 55 miles per hour in the company’s testing.

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Weatherman, 62-inch ($89) and 68-inch ($95)
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