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Aaron Rodgers showed up to Packers training camp dressed like Nicolas Cage from ‘Con-Air’

For most Americans, Halloween falls on the 31st of October. For members of the Green Bay Packers, however, it lands in late July, when players report to training camp decked out like they're about to go trick or treating at Lambeau. In 2019, we marveled at the quarterback room’s ‘Happy Gilmore’ ensemble

Last year, Rodgers, fresh off a summer of chasing waterfalls in Hawaii with Shailene, came dressed like Paul Rudd’s f—ck-the-lemons-and-bail guy from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ …

This year, however, AR12 took the masquerade to a whole new level, striding into Packers training camp like Nicolas Cage off of Con-Air. Feast your hungry eyes on the testosterone and musk.

Feel however you want to feel about the guy. About his “immunization” status. About his NFC Championship Game hoodoo. About his painfully obvious need for attention which he couches as not wanting attention st all. You have to respect this.

The greasy, slicked back mane. The white tank tucked into his jeans. The bag drop. It’s a better Cage performance than John Travolta playing Cage in ‘Face/Off,’ and that's the greatest movie ever made.

Most importantly, however, Rodgers’ Cage homage continues the ongoing Niconaissance. A critical reevaluation of the Cage oeuvre is fully underway following Cage’s performance as Cage in ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive of Talent’ earlier this year and it’s nice to see Rodgers paying his respects to the man, the myth, and, of course, the legend. With the power (and karate skills) of Cage behind them, the sky is the limit for Green Bay this season. Go Pack go.