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Dude, Where's My Cobb?

After holding the Green Bay Packers hostage for three months, Aaron Rodgers just showed up for his first day of work in flip flops and a man bun

Things Aaron Rodgers has done since he last played football for the Green Bay Packers: Request a trade, host Jeopardy!, light out to Hawaii with his fiancee and their celeb pals, play golf in Montana, play golf in Tahoe, agree to play if the Packers cut the final year of his contract, agree not to franchise tag him, and trade for his old buddy Randall Cobb despite having the best wide receiver in the NFL running routes for him. That’s some offseason, but it all came to a close on Tuesday morning, when Rodgers, less than 24 hours after the first reports of his return, appeared at Packers training camp as if out of a mirage, flip flops, man-bun, and all.

If there were any lingering questions about who’s running the show in Green Bay, those should all be put to rest now. It’s not Packers CEO Mark Murphy. It’s definitely not GM Brian Gutekunst, who Rodgers reportedly openly refers to as “Jerry Krause.” It’s the guy who just held his employer ransom for three months and then showed up to work unannounced dressed like a college sophomore just back from a semester abroad in Amsterdam.

All of that said, the Packers open the season home against the Texans in Week 1 and home against the Jets in Week 2. Rodgers could show up 15 minutes before kickoff wearing nothing but a pair of board shorts and a puka shell necklace and still start 2-0. In other words, don’t panic, Packers fans. Daddy’s home.