Masters 2021

2021 Masters: 20 things that happened in the five short (yet absolutely interminable) months since the last Masters



The good news? The 2021 Masters is officially here! Fans are back (kind of!) The sun is shining (hopefully!) The bad news? You may be feeling a little disoriented. Only five months ago DJ donned the green jacket, the aroma of grandma’s virtual Thanksgiving turkey wafting through the air, and yet it feels like 500 years. You have a beard now. We’ve been to Mars. The clocks are an hour further ahead than they were then. If all of this is enough to send you plunging into an existential crisis, do not worry. We’re here to help, compiling the last five months of sports and life into 20 convenient waypoints. You may not remember everything, but by the time we’re done you’ll know just where you are: Masters week.

Donald Trump retired in Florida

Urban Meyer unretired in Florida

Alabama won the national championship (yes, another one)

Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open (yes, another one)

Tom Brady won the Super Bowl (yes, another one)

Jordan Spieth became relevant (again)

Rory became irrelevant (again)


The Buffalo Bills became America’s team

The Buffalo Sabres became whatever the opposite of that is

Your bracket busted


Tim Tebow quit baseball

That whole Lola Bunny thing (ick)

Shrimp Toast Crunch (double ick)

Aaron Rodgers hosts Jeopardy! now?

Super Bowl Monday became a holiday (sort of)

Shohei Ohtani became a god (not sort of)

Oh, and Godzilla fought King Kong. Way to bury the lead, right?