TB Tattoo

Tom Brady got a tattoo of Bruce Arians . . . well, sort of

Say a prayer for Bill Belichick. On Wednesday morning, I woke up, flipped open the laptop, and fired up the Twitter machine and what did I see staring right back at me? The inked visage of Bruce Arians—beer aloft, beet red cheeks glowing in monochrome—emblazoned on the side of Tom Brady’s leg. Hold on, let us explain . . .

OK, so obviously that’s photoshopped. If you think the man who wears battery pajamas, believes water prevents sunburns, and once almost died from a shot of Fireball is going to poison his body with ink, then we have beautiful Tampa swampland to sell you. It did have us going for a millisecond or two, however, until we saw what TB12 was riffing on: 68-year-old Arians’ own (and very real) commemorative Super Bowl tattoo. You're never too old for fresh ink. Remember that, kiddos.

So continues the Buccaneers long, fun offseason. Even if you can’t stomach the sight of Brady these days, it’s hard to remember a Super Bowl champ that has been more entertaining in the months following their big win than the Bucs. They played catch with the Lombardi Trophy, Brady got sea tequila legs, and now this little tattoo ruse. Plus, they pretty much got the band back together for 2021. Tell you what, Tommy Boy. If you guys run it back and win another one, how about you go ahead and get that tattoo for real? Sound like a deal?