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Even Tom Brady is jealous of Phil Mickelson's calves

September 19, 2019

Scott Eisen

Tom Brady is a man who appears to have it all. Six (and counting) Super Bowl rings. Millions in the bank. A supermodel wife. You get the point, it must be nice. But there's one thing the NFL legend doesn't have: Phil Mickelson's calves. And even Brady acknowledges it.

After learning from NFL Network reporter/The Loop correspondent Ian Rapoport that Brady was "limited in practice" on Wednesday due to a calf injury, Mickelson couldn't resist commenting on the situation:

To which Brady responded:

To which the five-time major champ replied:

Twitter bringing everyone closer together, even superstar athletes! You love to see it.

But Phil being Phil wasn't done with Twitter interactions on the matter. After Rapoport responded about Phil flying standby, Mickelson had the perfect response:

In any event, Tom Brady could play with my chicken legs and still beat the Jets this week as the Patriots are favored by a historically lopsided spread of 23.5 points. Heck, they'd probably still be big favorites with Mickelson under center:

Never mind. They'd definitely still be big favorites.