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This naked guy interrupting Urban Meyer’s interview about the state of college football sums up the state of college football

August 12, 2020

Hoo boy, Tuesday was quite a day in the wide, wild world of college football. After swirling rumors and the Mountain West’s own cancellation of all fall sports on Monday, the Big Ten and Pac-12 both broke the huddle on Tuesday, announcing indefinite delays for their fall football schedules. Citing various unknowns about the coronavirus, as well as the health and safety of their players (as if that’s ever mattered before), the decision sent a shockwave around the semi-professional football universe.

Nebraska clapped back. HARD. Fans vacillated from rage to despair back to rage again. The SEC, ACC, and Big 12 rubbed their hands together and drooled, overjoyed at the thought of sick kids and giant, heaping piles of money. In short, it was, and continues to be, a total mess, summed up pretty much perfectly by this botched Urban Meyer interview on Tuesday afternoon.

Who is this semi-naked man wandering around Urban’s RV on live TV? How did neither of them remember the giant mirror? Has anyone ever told Urban that your nose needs sunscreen too? The questions abound. One thing is certain, however: This interview about the state of college football in 2020 says just about everything you need to know about the state of college football in 2020 (it’s an absolute clusterf—k, if you're not picking up the thrust of this.)

But before you retreat to those BTN encores, weeping softly in the dark of your mother’s basement, we leave you this montage of Urban Meyer’s iconic naked-guy-is-in-my-trailer reaction shots. College football: Gone but not forgotten.