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WHAT IT DOES: The new “family” of Ping putters might be connected aesthetically, but these putters present different approaches in terms of materials and face technologies to produce the best roll for specific player types. Across mid-mallets and high-stability options, this entails a mix of milled faces, polymer face inserts, stainless steel, aerospace aluminum and tungsten heel and toe weights. Together they tackle the feels, shapes, alignment optics and forgiveness different players require without having to adhere to one technology theme. WHY WE LIKE IT: Ping embraces the idea that there is no one right answer in putters. But one thing Ping’s mallets share is ball-speed consistency. Even better, that consistency comes whether you’ve opted for a polymer face insert or a smoothly milled model. Read more>>>

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Price: Prime Tyne 4 $280, Tyne G $280, Mundy $280, Tomcat 14 $280, DS72/C $280, Shea $280
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Which One's For Me?
Prime Tyne 4
Heel shafted, parallel wing mallet with shorter neck heel-shafted hosel. Firmer feel. Caters to strong arc strokes.
Tyne G
Wings and rear bar frame a central opening in this high-stability mallet. Features PEBAX insert for a softer feel. Double bend shaft and face-balanced for straight back, straight through or slight arc strokes.
Larger, clamshell-shaped mallet with aluminum body and heavy steel sole plate. A PEBAX face insert for a softer feel. Double bend shaft caters to straight or slight arcing strokes.
Tomcat 14
This large, open frame mallet features the highest moment of inertia (stability on off-center hits) of all the putters in the line. It uses a lighter aluminum body with a stainless steel sole plate to push the center of gravity deep behind the face. It features a smooth milled face and a double bend shaft for a face-balanced setup that is best for straight strokes.
This compact half-mallet shape uses a shallow milled face for a firmer feel. It features a single alignment line and ball-width cavity. The double bend slight offset shaft is ideal for straighter or slightly arcing strokes.
DS72 C
This compact half-mallet shape built on the DS72 platform uses a center shaft, which is ideal for straighter strokes.
This compact half mallet uses tungsten toe-heel weights for stability, while a shallow, milled face offers a firmer feel. A longer alignment line and cavity frame the ball and a plumber's neck hosel makes it best for players with a slightly arcing stroke.




Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
"You could line this up correctly in your sleep. The three white lines and other lines really focuses your eye on where you're aiming. Very true roll. Great on 15-footers and easy to control the distance on longer putts. Firmness of the face is terrific for an insert. No dull sound at all."
Handicap, 8
“The look is clean with a nice finish and two-tone aesthetic. Putts are quiet, and the heavier feel made it easy to make a tempo stroke.”
Handicap, 12
"It aims itself. Super easy especially on short putts then rolls right on line. The counterbalanced feel with the grip is exceptional. Provides you with better distance control. Super consistent. Felt like a big sweet spot."
Handicap, 0
Club Specs
Models Lofts Head Weights Lengths Custom Lengths Available? Dexterity Neck Price
Prime Tyne 4 365 33, 34, 35 standard, custom avail No Left Hand / Right Hand Flared $280
Tyne G 360 34, 35 standard, custom avail No Right Hand Double bend $280
Mundy 355 35 standard, custom avail No Right Hand Double bend $280
Tomcat 14 380 35 Standard, custom avail No Right Hand Double bend $280
DS72 365 35 Standard, 41.5 Armlock No Right Hand Double bend $280
DS72 C 370 35 Standard, custom avail No Right Hand Straight $280
Shea 360 35 Standard, custom avail No Right Hand Straight $280

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