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Frontline Elite

Hot List Gold 2023

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WHAT IT DOES: When Cleveland introduced its Frontline technology, it upended the ideas on where the center of gravity should be on a putter. Rather than continuing to push it back, the CG stayed forward on these putters through front-loaded tungsten weights to reduce the microscopic inconsistency that actually makes even short putts easily missed. Now, Cleveland has gone further by making the entire face out of tungsten, increasing the weight of the face by four times. WHY WE LIKE IT: Mallets still need to occupy a lot of visual space to accentuate their alignment benefits, but these mallets accomplish that through a skeletal frame that keeps the look without adding weight in the back. The intricate face-milling pattern is also specific for each style of clubhead to optimize roll. Read more>>

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Price: Cero $250, Elevado $250, Rho $250
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Cleveland Frontline Elite_MalletPutter_Hero.jpg
Which One's For Me?
Cero SN
This large mallet features a triangular shape with a raised central aiming line. Its short slant neck caters to slightly arcing strokes.
Cero SB
Built on the Cero platform, this large triangular mallet features a raised central aiming line centered in a white ball-width stripe. Its single bend hosel produces a face-balanced setup and is best for a straighter stroke.
Elevado SB
This parallel winged mallet, which has a short central aiming line centered in a white band the width of the ball, features a single bend shaft for a face-balanced setup. It is best for a straighter stroke.
Elevado SN
Built on the Elevado platform, it features only a short aiming line on the top line. It uses a short slant neck and is best for those with a slightly arcing stroke.
Rho SB
This squarish mallet with deep perimeter heel and toe weighting features a central aiming line on a white, ball-width stripe. The single bend shaft is best for those with a straighter stroke.
Rho SN
Built on the Rho platform, this squarish mallet features a single, raised, central aiming line. The short slant neck is best for strokes with a slight arc.




Look / Sound / Feel


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Player Comments
"The Cero gives it a very pure roll, love the way it comes off the face. I'm usually not a. big fan of inserts, but love the way this makes it super easy to set up (because you normally could be toe up and never know it, but not with this."
Handicap, 4
"The Rho was so comfortable in my hands at address. Eyes were drawn to the right spot. Smooth through the zone. Confidence inspiring, especially on short putts. Rolled out adequately on long putts."
Handicap, 8
"Overall, the looks are beautiful. The matte black contrasted with the alignment—everything has a nice balance to it. Nice forward roll off impact. I really liked the weighting on it—heavy-ish on the sole, which makes it almost yip-proof."
Handicap, 15
Club Specs
Models Lofts Head Weights Lengths Custom Lengths Available? Dexterity Neck Price
Cero SN 360-370 33", 34", 35" No Right Hand Slant neck $250
Cero SB 360-370 33", 34", 35" No Right Hand Single Bend $250
Elevado SB 360-370 33", 34", 35" No Left Hand / Right Hand Single Bend $250
Elevado SN 360-370 33", 34", 35" No Left Hand / Right Hand Slant neck $250
Rho SB 360-370 33", 34", 35" No Right Hand Single Bend $250
Rho SN 360-370 33", 34", 35" No Right Hand Slant neck $250

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