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WHAT IT DOES: The grooved-face technology might be the most interesting in the game. The variably wide channels are closely spaced to create consistent roll on impacts across the face and to offer a gentle redirect toward the center line on mis-hits. But this new mallet also shows how clean a putter with a high moment of inertia can look. The compact aluminum body is surrounded by subtle stainless-steel weighted wings that provide stability and alignment. 

WHY WE LIKE IT: A selection of six hosels can be easily swapped in and out of the heads, making this a putter that outlasts any bouts of flatstick-induced psycho-trauma. Toss in the “Gravity Grip” option with an embedded steel bar that always tells your hands where the face is, and your putting game suddenly might be fun again. Read more>>

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Price: EV12 $420
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EVNROLL EV12_MalletPutter_Hero.jpg
Which One's For Me?
Available in either a white body with black aiming line or black body with a white aiming line. There are six interchangeable hosel options, as well, to accommodate a wide array of stroke types. The steel wings are milled to three different weights to maintain a D-7 swing weight at any length.




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Player Comments
"I do like the way the contrasting finishes go together. It draws your eye to the alignment features. I really like the ball-picker-upper, that's a cool factor. A really nice instantaneous, forward roll. The ball wants to track the entire time."
Handicap, 15
“This is the ‘circle of friendship eraser’—no stress over putts from four to 10 feet. The larger face has a massive sweet spot.”
Handicap, 8
"Has a very modern look to it, especially with the white and gray color scheme. Sets beautifully behind the ball and easy to make a nice stroke with it. Milled face is noticeable through impact."
Handicap, 1
Club Specs
Models Lofts Head Weights Lengths Custom Lengths Available? Dexterity Neck Price
EV12 340-380 33", 34", 35" +special order No Right Hand Inline/Short/Mid/Long slant, Short/Long plumber $420

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