Evnroll EV putters for 2023: What you need to know


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Evnroll expands its lineup of milled putters to include new customizable heel and toe sole weights on the EV2 blade and EV8 mid-mallet; a winged mallet, EV5 series, that comes in three different configurations for its rear chassis and a new multi-metal relatively compact mallet, EV12, with a substantial moment of inertia for more forgiveness on off-center hits. All Evnroll putters feature the company’s face grooves for more consistent roll and tighter centerline dispersion.

PRICE: EV2, EV8: $420 satin/$470 black; EV5.1, EV5.2, EV5.3: $420 satin/$470 black; EV12: $420. Available at retail in mid-February.

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1. The EV5 is the mallet you create yourself.
The EV5 mallet series includes three base models that feature the parallel wing design seen in popular mallets like the Odyssey No. 7 and the Titleist/Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5, but the Evnroll entry is three variations on that theme with the added bonus of two finish options that also can be mix and match. The options also include six hosel choices that can easily be inserted into the head with the same ease as an adjustable driver, allowing a player to keep one head and change the shaft and hosel if his stroke or alignment preferences change.


The EV5 mallets are distinctive because they combine the feel and look of the CNC milled 303 stainless steel blade-like topline from the address position, but then add the alignment and stability benefits of a mallet. That back chassis is made of lightweight 6061 aluminum in three interchangeable options. The 5.1 features simple, slightly curving wings, the 5.2 features more parallel wings and alignment lines, while the 5.3 uses a back bar to joining the two wings and further improve moment of inertia, or stability on off-center hits. Bolstering these designs even more are three tungsten and steel weights on the sole of each wing for even more forgiveness and custom swing weighting. Players have their choice of solid brushed chrome or solid black anodized looks or a contrasting black and chrome front and back pieces.

Said Evnroll’s Travis Escalera, “Basically, we got a lot of tour feedback saying that the feel on a flat-faced, milled putter traditionally tends to be sort of harsh, and then, you have quite the opposite end of the spectrum with a soft insert putter where you get sort of minimal feel, sound and feedback. So what we tried to do is get something in the middle of that where you get that beautiful milled, feel and sound but with some feedback. A lot of that is the result of the thickness of this cavity wall behind the face.”

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Of course any discussion of the face with Evnroll putters has to touch on the groove technology. The variably spaced grooves on the face are designed to do two things here: First, the depth changes modulate the energy transfer so center, heel and toe hits all produce more consistent roll. Second, because the depth of the grooves angles in from the toe and heel toward the center, off-center hits don’t wander offline as much. In short, better control of both distance and direction.


2. The best thing a mallet does is offer tons of forgiveness. The next best thing a super-forgiving mallet does is not look like a World War II landmine detector. The EV12 is the latest high-stability mallet putter from Evnroll that’s designed in a more compact footprint. It’s very much in line with the trend of mallets making the rounds on tour, where eight of the current top 10 in the world are using some kind of compact but forgiving mallet. The key on the EV12 is mixing the aluminum body, which includes a nifty ball-grab pocket depression in the sole, with heavier steel weights on the heel and toe sides. The steel weights are three times the mass of the aluminum at 70 grams or more each, and the putter’s swingweight is designed to match a beefy D7 swingweight at any length. Big weight pushed to the extreme perimeter makes a putter more stable without having to make it enormous and unwieldy/embarrassing.


As Escalera said of company founder and chief designer, Guerin Rife, “Guerin doesn't like just doing something exactly the same. This was him going away and coming out with his variation of a compact player's mallet with stability.”

For those preferring a more extreme high-MOI mallet, Evnroll also has updated the X-shaped Zero model. The Zero Z.1 adds a new short slant in-line hosel for players who want a more flowing, arc stroke with their bigger mallet.


3. A weighty change for traditional shapes. The most popular Evnroll putters have been the more traditional shapes, and this year the popular EV2 blade and EV8 mid-mallet look to improve their forgiveness with new heel and toe sole weights. A thinned out topline makes for a cleaner look but the sole weights provide increased stability for the company’s most favored models.

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The EV2, as well as the EV 5.2, also are available with the Midlock grip, which is Evnroll’s answer to those seeking to experiment with the armlock style of putting. The deep pistol grip is positioned sideways to rest against the inner forearm without requiring a much higher loft than traditional putters.