Genesis Invitational

Riviera Country Club


Tri-Hot 5K

Hot List Gold 2023

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WHAT IT DOES: The pursuit of moment of inertia (stability on off-center hits) in mallet putters is a given. Larger putters just naturally are going to be more stable. The problem with making a larger putter is the center of gravity can drift farther back, making it feel like you’re swinging a trash can lid with a brick tied in back. Not so here. These two mallets have gigantic MOI numbers but still manage to keep the CG relatively close to the face. This gives you forgiveness and face-angle control, which basically means distance and direction. We’re not sure better putting requires anything else. WHY WE LIKE IT: Two modern-classic shapes, each with multiple hosel offerings, plus the reliably comfortable White Hot face insert make these an easy transition for the mallet averse. Read more>>>

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Price: Rossie DB/S $400, Seven DB/S/CH $400
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Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K_MalletPutter_Hero.jpg
Which One's For Me?
Rossie DB
This traditional clamshell mallet features heel and toe weighting and three aiming lines to frame the ball. The double-bend shaft makes for a face-balanced design that works best with straight back and straight through strokes.
Rossie S
Built on the Rossie clamshell frame, it features a short slant neck to give it toe hang. That makes it work well with arcing strokes that have some face rotation.
Seven DB*
This parallel wing mallet features two arms that frame the ball. This model uses a double bend shaft for a face-balanced setup. This works best for straight back, straight through strokes.
Seven S
Built on the parallel-wing Seven platform, it uses a slant neck for a toe-hang setup. This works best with an arcing stroke.
Seven CH
Built on the parallel-wing Seven platform, it uses a crank or plumber's neck hosel for a slight toe-hang setup. This works best with a straight to slightly arcing stroke.




Look / Sound / Feel


* Percentage of total score

Player Comments
"Really loved the alignment aids. Helps get hands and eyes in right place. Good roll on short and mid putts. Consistency extends to longer putts. Soft, but not too soft feel, so you don't lose any touch."
Handicap, 6
Loved the low profile face on the larger head. Looks like it will not skid at impact. Lightweight. Consistent strokes at all times. Just seems like I can make the same stroke over and over. And isn't that the idea? Hands set in the same spot on every stroke.
Handicap, 5
"The five distinct lines on the Rossie made it so easy toto line up the ball, easy to square. Oversize but felt light in my hands, easy to control. Effortlessly jumped off the face, but never too much. Very large sweet spot. Mis-hjits were very controlled. Never lost track of the ball. Easy to judge distance."
Handicap, 14
Club Specs
Models Lofts Head Weights Lengths Custom Lengths Available? Dexterity Neck Price
Rossie DB 365 33", 34", 35" No Double bend $400
Rossie S 365 33", 34", 35" No Short slant $400
Seven DB* 365 33", 34", 35" No Double bend $400
Seven S 365 33", 34", 35" No Slant $400
Seven CH 365 33", 34", 35" No Plumber $400

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