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WHAT IT DOES: When golfers are asked what they want in an iron, many say “accuracy” or “feel.” Cobra knows those golfers are fibbing, especially the game-improvement crowd. That group mostly wants as many yards as they can get. Cobra addressed this desire in a meaningful way by using a weighting system that has a steel-core bar suspended within a polymer-injected casing. The bar is tethered to the heel and toe but not behind the hitting area, promoting maximum flex of the body, face and sole at impact. This creates a rebound effect that delivers high ball speed as the polymer layer around the core bar damps vibration and enhances feel.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Let's start with the look. Gone are the carbon strips that sat atop Cobra irons of the recent past, and the angular shape has been replaced by a more rounded toe. Both are sure to be popular with golfers who desire a more conventional look. The forged cupface geometry was inspired by focusing on hit-pattern data the company gathered to identify the most common mis-hit locations and then ramping up speed in those areas. Cobra offers the iron in a single-length option as well.

Price: $143/per iron
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Player Comments

"They're soft and jumpy, and the ball just disappears when you hit it. I could squeeze more distance if I wanted to flight it, or just hit towering shots. How can you not like towering soft draws on command?"


“They have a click to them that is reassuring. The middle and long irons give you some float on shots, which is a big help for a lot of golfers."


"Nice proportions. I love how compact it felt through impact. It felt powerful. A penetrating flight with a nice baritone sound at impact. Clean through the turf."

Club Specs


7-iron: 26.5 degrees; PW: 41.5 degrees

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From the Manufacturer

The power behind the LTDx irons begins at the core. The irons debut PWR-COR, a redesigned internal weighting system that creates our most flexible irons design for increased speed. The construction features a steel core bar that positions the CG perfectly behind the hitting zone. The core bar is fully suspended in a soft polymer, creating an elastic rebound effect that unleashes more distance while maintaining exceptional feel.

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