Surviving the Hot List

What does it take to be a Hot List tester? We sent a documentary crew to the 2022 Hot List testing summit to capture the people, the drama and the secret sauce that goes into golf’s ultimate assignment.

Blade Putters

Let’s be honest: Sometimes practicality ain’t enough. It’s why we like blade putters: They’re just so dang sexy. But let’s be clear. Blade putters aren’t merely about Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial allure anymore. With roll-enhancing face treatments, putts leave the face with more authority than ever before. Even better, though, is how through the use of heavier perimeter weighting or slightly wider or deeper footprints, some are offering the kind of mis-hit forgiveness usually reserved for their Quasimodo-like sibling, the mallet. Some of the more intriguing entries offer technologies in the shaft or the head that focus on making our stroke more reliable even before it reaches the ball. And the range of feels, from soft but resilient to firm but cushiony, can make the putting rack seem like speed dating in a room full of Helmsworths. In blades, we’re going to allow the emotions to dictate your direction. Because if you’re inspired by the looks, today’s blades bring enough tech to reward that putter lust. At the end of the day, nothing’s sexier than watching that double-breaker drop into the cup on 18 for all the cash.