Mexico Open at Vidanta

Vidanta Vallarta


Big Bertha B21

Our Review:

Although the origin story of hybrids started with helping average golfers with their ineptitude, many hybrids today don’t always commit to the concept. Rather than flirting with the idea, however, this head exudes super game improvement. It’s not that the B21 swings itself, but it does nearly everything else for those whose only air-borne long iron was the one they javelined into the lake on 16. For starters, there’s a carbon-composite crown to save weight in the oversize head, pushing the center of gravity lower. Molded tungsten weights deep in the heel and toe also move mass low, and even the hosel’s smaller size adds to this effect. The saved weight is redistrib-uted along the perimeter for extra forgiveness, and the offset hosel helps to square the face and elevate launch. The wraparound cup-face gets Callaway’s artificial-intelligence treatment, which forms a variable-thickness design unique to each loft. Then there’s the boost from the pair of internal vertical bars that join the crown and sole. Known as Callaway’s “Jailbreak” technology, it concentrates flex-ing in the face for better energy transfer. If that’s not enough game- saving help for you, there’s even an 8-hybrid in the line. Read More >>

Price: $250
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Player Comments

Just not a club you would pick up with the oversized head and offset. However once you do, you can’t put it down. Good feedback, great turf interaction, but more than anything, so easy to hit. Launch is very high, gets up in the air and goes. Consistent distance, consistent ball flight.


I'll be honest: I don't love the look at address. But it's a solid feel and it hits the ball well.


It has a slightly larger shape that delivers a punch. The ball goes high and straight. No trouble getting through the turf—none.

Club Specs


19, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33

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