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Perhaps the greatest benefit of using artificial-intelligent design is that it can produce far more potential iterations in a shorter period of time than humans are capable of. Srixon employed a new simulation process on its ZX irons that replicated numerous impacts, evaluated the performance and automatically updated the design for the next try. After literally thousands of potential face designs, the result is a variable-thickness pattern milled into the backside of the high-strength steel face insert to maximize ball speed and to provide the necessary durability. The design also minimized the amount of weight needed to do so—saving nearly 3 percent of the mass of a conventional face. Because this category tends to feature stronger lofts, Srixon addresses the potential trajectory problem by making the face profile lower, the sole wider and placing 10 grams of tungsten low. The wide sole (featuring the company’s V-sole shape) has the additional advantage of helping you hit fewer fat shots. The long and middle irons—to the 7-iron—have wider and shallower grooves, and the grooves in the short irons are narrower and deeper to apply the proper amount of spin for the shot being struck.

Price: $163/per iron
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Player Comments

The somewhat thicker topline combines with the heavier bottom to pull the club through the ball and any ground you might take.


Has the size and shape of a players iron but you can see the game improvement in the back which provides a lot of confidence. Easy to hit. The long irons get up in the air.


Nice and soft through impact. Easy to control. I felt like it was easy to get a good ball flight out of these irons. They start off with a high trajectory.

Club Specs


7-iron: 28.5 degrees; PW: 43 degrees

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