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Ping’s G-series irons have been the mainstay of the Ping iron family and one of the game’s best-selling iron franchises since they were introduced in 2003. For the most part, the performance goal of these irons has been forgiveness—as one would expect from a gameimprovement iron. However, with its latest iteration—the G425—the goal is to increase ball speed while boosting forgiveness even more—all in a shape that doesn’t go to extremes. To answer the speed question, Ping engineers designed a more flexible, free-moving face to amplify ball speeds. They achieved this through a heat-treatment process to strengthen the 17-4 steel used for the clubhead, allowing for a variable-thickness face 10 percent thinner than the G410. The top-rail undercut and cascading sole design (in which the sole gets thicker as it moves farther away from the face) combine to increase deflection to launch the ball higher and faster. The iron’s aesthetics are not ignored, either. The clubhead features a slightly shorter blade length to provide a crisper, sharper look. The introduction of these irons was delayed from fall until this year, but Ping loyalists are likely to agree the holdup was worth it. Read more >>

Price: $125/per iron
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Look / Sound / Feel




* Percentage of total score

Player Comments

The reliability of impact and deep sound are comforting. The look at address inspires confidence.


A good feel at impact. I felt I could control the ball flight including working it a little bit.


I could trust having this club in my bag for consistency. It felt smooth even when I didn’t make the best contact with it.

Club Specs


7-iron: 30 degrees; PW: 44.5 degrees

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