Bettinardi Kuchar Model
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Bettinardi Kuchar Model Review

Bettinardi Kuchar Model
Bettinardi Kuchar Model
Bettinardi Kuchar Model
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Edel Signature E Series

The Verdict:
Loft: N/A
Street Price: $375
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    Look / Sound / Feel
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Player Comments
  • low
    They've taken the Anser and make it wider. Good swing weight, good balance and good feel. It's better feel on the toe than the sweet spot. It puts a nice roll on it. It's easy to align. Good distance control.
  • mid
    Great feedback across the face. I like the wide chamber.
  • mid
    I like that it has both parallel and horizontal alignments. It couldn't be more metal and cush. It really gets the ball rolling. So solid and heavy.
  • high
    The feedback is muted and buttery.