Inside the Crow's Nest at Augusta National


Inside the Crow's Nest at Augusta National

March 27, 2012

Take a tour of the Masters amateur quarters with our exclusive imagesDave Kindred on the Crow's Nest

In the upstairs dining area of the clubhouse, an alcove door leads to the telephone hallway.

In the telephone hallway, slip through a door...

...and climb the stairs to the Crow's Nest.

A comfortable common area is provided for the amateurs.

A partition wall divides the communal from the sleeping areas.

A 360-degree look at the Crow's Nest.

A look at the private facilities.

Augusta bath towels.

The basics for post-round refreshments: cups and ice bucket.

Top tier windows.

An old-fashioned fire extinguisher.

The view from the upper clubhouse.

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