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Zion Williamson vs. Walker Kessler was the biggest mismatch in NBA history

December 14, 2022

The Zion Williamson haterz are awfully quiet these days. After only playing a season's worth of games over his first three NBA seasons, the former prodigy and No. 1 overall pick is finally producing performances like the Pelicans expected, leading New Orleans to a surprising best record in the Western Conference at the quarter mark of this campaign. Not surprising, however, is that he unofficially leads the league in jaw-dropping highlights.

Fans witnessed another one of those on Tuesday night during a game against the Jazz. Early in the second quarter, Williamson went one-on-one against Utah's Walker Kessler—and it's the most one-sided outcome we've ever seen.

Despite the first-round pick out of Auburn being in good position, Zion smokes him off the dribble and then out-jumps and outpowers him at the rim for an instant classic posterization. Check it out:

That looks like Zion going up agains college kids again. Heck, that looks like Zion from his man-among-boys high school days. And again, this is againt a seven-footer. An athletic seven-footer! Here's another couple angles in slow motion of this absolute demolition:

To be fair to Kessler, he wound up having a great game off the bench, racking up 11 points, 16 boards, and three blocks in 23 minutes during the Jazz's decisive win (Zion had a ho-hum 26 points, nine boards and five assists on 10-of-16 shooting). But unfortunately for him, all anybody is going to remember from this game was him getting destroyed by Zion. At least he's not alone in that regard these days.