Golfer hits driver (!) to three feet in gale-force wind at Pebble Beach's 7th, might be the shot of the century

December 11, 2022

If you were to make a Mount Rushmore of golf shots hit at Pebble Beach, you'd have to include Tom Watson's chip-in on 17 at the 1982 U.S. Open, Jack Nicklaus' 1-iron on the same hole in the same tournament 10 years earlier, Gary Woodland's 3-wood into the 14th, also in a U.S. Open (2019), and finally (insert whichever Tiger Woods Pebble Beach shot is your favorite).

One of those may have to get bumped, however, and not by an all-time great player or any tour pro at all. One golfer's driver (!) into the iconic par-3 seventh, which was thankfully captured on video by Michael Knoll (@turfknoll on Instagram), might be sliding into slot four on the Pebble Mt. Rushmore. The degree of difficulty was off the charts, with 40-50-mph wind gusts coming off the Pacific Ocean. That was no issue for this dude, who put it to three freaking feet:

Yeah, we're comfortable putting that on the Pebble Mt. Rushmore, even though it wasn't in a U.S. Open. Just take a closer look at the flagstick when his ball starts rolling closer to the hole:


That thing is about to snap in half. What an insane shot, and a hell of a job on the video by Knoll. Also, tough break shelling out $800 for Pebble and getting this weather, but these guys are simply married to the game. Respect.