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Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key makes hole-in-one with cameras rolling, becomes instant golf legend

December 09, 2022

When John Key stunned everyone by stepping down as New Zealand Prime Minister in 2016, we (kinda) jokingly speculated he was doing it to play more golf. It's unclear if that has been the case for this golf buddy of Barack Obama, but after seeing what he did on Friday, his game is clearly in a pretty good place.

Participating in the Chasing the Fox Super Six golf day—headlined by fellow New Zealander and World No. 29 Ryan Fox—Key made a hole-in-one. With the cameras running. And with a fairway wood! So this was no cheapie. Check it out:

What a freaking golf shot! And what an instant golf legend.

How about that reaction? Has a country every been more united around its leader?! Well, former leader, that is.

Although, you could hear the crowd break out into chants of "Three more years!" Because, apparently, that's how often general elections for Prime Minister are held in New Zealand. The more you know, eh?

Anyway, congrats to the 61-year-old Key on the amazing ace. And as for that "Three more years" stuff, we'd say his retirement from politics seems to be going pretty well.