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Gonna Cry Now

Tiger Woods' 'dream foursome' will cause even the coldest of hearts to melt

December 07, 2022

Tiger Woods, if he wanted, could play golf with just about anybody on the planet, and he could probably set it up for tomorrow. Former presidents, movie stars, fellow legendary athletes, etc. Hell, if the Pope wanted to get out for an afternoon nine later, the two could meet somewhere and make it happen.

And yet, any time Woods is asked who is dream foursome is, he always gives the same answer. While the rest of us peons dream big (usually including Tiger himself in our dream foursome), Woods has maintained that he'd love to just play one more round with his father, Earl, and it wouldn't matter the course.

Ahead of The Match this Saturday at Pelican Golf Club, Woods did a quick Q&A with Bleacher Report and the "dream foursome" topic came up. His answer was similar to the usual one, but with one important—and heartwarming—addition.

"It wouldn't be a foursome," Woods said. "It'd be my dad, myself and Charlie."

Welp, we're going to go cry now. Here's the clip below, which also features a couple of great stories involving the legendary Atlanta Braves pitching rotation from the late 1990s and a female fan who once made a wild autograph request:

For a rapid-fire Q&A, that was some pretty good stuff. Need to know way, way more about the round with John Smoltz, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine in which Woods shot a pair of sub-64 rounds and lost money. Sandbaggery of the highest order, if true.