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Tour pro hilariously highlights his big (unplanned) cameo in Netflix's 'Full Swing'

February 16, 2023

Netflix's long-awaited (at least, in golf circles) docuseries, "Full Swing," dropped on Wednesday and people are watching. People are watching. That includes pro golfers who starred in the show—and, apparently, other players who aren't even featured in it.

Netflix officially signed nearly two dozen tour pros to participate, but when you're bringing cameras to tournaments for an entire year, you're going to capture plenty of other players along the way. And one of those happens to be Min Woo Lee. Or, rather, Min Woo Lee's backside.

Just 24 hours after the show went live, the 24-year-old Aussie is already well into the third episode that features Ian Poulter. We know this because Lee spotted himself in the background (again, emphasis on back) during a scene in which Poulter is walking through player dining at the 2022 WGC-Match Play. And the two-time DP World tour winner liked what he saw, hilariously pointing out his unplanned cameo and praising himself for "looking good," in particular, his hair:

You definitely have a great flow, Min Woo. More like Full Swing Head of Hair, am I right? And we love the pause to zoom in on you looking at your phone. Definitely a sneaky-important part of that episode.

No, but seriously, we get that it's exciting to see yourself on TV. Our Chris Powers is in one scene for about the same amount of time and we haven't heard the end of it. And we'd also love to see you "get more action" in Season 2. Heck, we'd just love for there to be a Season 2.

But for more on Season 1, check out our FULL 'Full Swing' coverage, featuring recaps and podcasts for all eight episodes. Although, unfortunately, we didn't discuss Min Woo Lee's big Netflix debut. That's a miss on our part. Sorry, Min Woo.