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Tiger Woods and Matt Kuchar chatting about their sons playing a round together is peak dad content

February 15, 2023

Tiger Woods is back at the Genesis Invitational this week for his first non-major PGA Tour event since his horrific car accident in February 2021. If you thought it was going to be all smiles and high-fives at Riviera, however, you’ve clearly been living under a rock since ‘96. Woods isn’t here just for the nostalgia, he’s here to win, no matter how far-fetched that may sound. That said, Woods did briefly peel back the game face on Tuesday for a charming conversation with Matt Kuchar about their two golf-mad sons, Charlie and Cam, who recently played a round together. Dad Content loading …

OK, so Kuchar has always sort of given off dad vibes, no matter his age or competitive state. For Woods, however, it’s been a more recent (and welcome) development. There was a time when he was the most steely, intimidating competitor on earth not named Michael Jordan. That fire is still there, but now it’s softened by him dropping dad dimes like “Anytime you got your kids playing, that’s what you want them to be doing” and a finely honed faux “EXCUSE ME!?” when Kuchar mentions Cam is competing in a Honda Classic pre-qualifier this week (he’s 12 by the way). Kuchar also gets in the mix by using “hook up” to mean “meet up.” Positively electric dad stuff.

All in all, it’s a charming interaction between the old dogs, who took a much-needed break from guarding their thermostats to show the young pups how it’s done. Work's been busy and we'll have to check with the wife, but let’s do it again real soon.