The best at-home putting mats still available

April 21, 2020

Though some states are re-opening their courses this week, the safest place to work on your putting stroke is at home. And though your carpet or hardwood floor is a fine surface, those little indents in your floor don't provide the best of putting surfaces. For a smoother roll, there are a lot of putting mats to choose from, including indoor and outdoor greens, fun putting games and mats with alignment aids for really getting that stroke precise. You can even choose your green speeds on many at-home putting greens to simulate more realistic play. While putting mats have sold out quickly, we rounded up the best practice greens that are still in stock and available to ship.

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This portable golf mat provides a precise practice tool and also a fun game to play with a friend. It's got six holes in a triangle formation on either end to aim for and comes with covers if you'd rather target just one or two; which also double as the way to play this beer-pong inspired game. The set also includes two putters and two golf balls, so you don't have to lug your own equipment around with the game.

PuttOUT Pro Putting Mat
Made for use with or without the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer, this roll-out practice mat has an extra thick rubber backing to ensure a smooth putting surface. It's also marked with alignment and pace targets for drills at any distance.

Birdie Ball Standard Putting Mat Package
This at-home putting green is available in three finishes, so you can choose a slow, medium or fast putting surfaces to replicate the type of conditions you most often play. The 4-foot wide, 10-foot long indoor practice mat's turf is about a half an inch thick for a consistent roll. It's got a hole at either end with removable mini flagsticks, so you can choose to putt with or without the pin in.

Maxfli Performance Series Electric Putting Mat
If you're missing the hazards and elements on the golf course, this practice putting mat has a mini bunker and creek to avoid. The anti-slip backing makes sure the green stays in place, and the automatic ball return carefully rolls putts back.

Abco Sport Golf Putting Green Mat
This golf mat is great for indoor or outdoor use at home. It's made with three holes and two target areas with a slightly sloped green to enhance practice and return any misses. Measuring about 3-feet by 9-feet, it's lined with a thick rubber base to keep it in place and avoid bumps.

Big Moss Commander Patio Series Putting & Chipping Green
This home putting mat and chipping green is on the higher price range, but it doubles in utility and can help simulate more realistic practice. Pick your distance of short-game practice in the backyard with the portable chipping mat and finish each putt on the inclined putting surface. The foam backboard will catch any runaway putts, so you don't have to chase them.

Putting Green with Gravity Fed Golf Ball Return by Hey! Play!
This indoor or outdoor putting mat has two lanes for practicing, which vary according to the level of challenge you seek. Shoot for the regulation size hole or the slightly smaller one next to it, and the gravity-fed return will send back your misses.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Golf Putting Mat
This true-roll putting surface has a Stimpmeter of about 10 or 11. The gravity ball return makes continuous putting practice easy, and you can set it up from three distances—3 feet, 5 feet and 7 feet—for guided alignment.

Wellputt Start Putting Mat
This mat will help with 4-footers, 6-footers and 8-footers with three targets and alignment guidelines. There's an accompanying app to help with tips and tricks, which were developed in collaboration with leading coach Cameron McCormick.