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This comedy sketch perfectly captures 'getting the golf bug'

February 01, 2023

We first caught on to golf comedy sketch group St. Andre Golf back in August, when their hilarious "Golf Ball Hog" skit made the social-media rounds. Ever since, we've been keeping a watchful eye, and they rarely miss. "Daddy needs a new dozie from the pro shop" still gets me every time.

It appears the group has yet another hit in one of their latest videos titled "First time golfer hits a good shot." We've all known one of those beginners who can't seem to figure out how to make contact at the range, or can't get the ball up in the air the first time you take them out to the real course. Then, when they finally hit that first good shot, they are hooked. They "caught the bug" as the cliche goes. Next thing you know, they're calling and asking you if you're around to play this weekend. They're sneaking out alone for a quick nine after work. They're addicted. 

No video has ever quite captured that exact scenario quite like this one:

"I'm gonna devote my life to this." The video could have ended right there and it still would have been perfect. But it just got better and better. 

"Thousands upon thousands of dollars in gear and greens fees." Check. "Questionable time management when it comes to my family." Check. "This, is my life now." Check. All bases covered. That is quite literally what we all feel after stiffing one to three feet. Next stop: The Masters. 

And then ... you miss the three-footer and question why you ever took up the game in the first place. Round and round we go. Anyway, definitely go toss St. Andre Golf a follow. There are plenty more classics you need to catch up on, like "Flushing an iron," "Beer Check," and, one of my all-time favorites, "Drop with me."