Golf Humor

This golf 'Ball Hog' sketch is one of the funnier/more devious things we've ever seen

Up until Wednesday morning, we'd never heard of St. Andre Golf, which appears to be some sort of golf sketch comedy group. After watching their hilarious "Golf Ball Hog" sketch, they are now firmly on our radar.

The premise: a man dressed in camoflauge hides somewhere off the fairway and steals golf balls from players who just hit their tee shots, hence "ball hog." Reminder that this is a sketch, meaning it's not real, so don't be one of those internet idiots who thinks it's real and comments something like "I'd fight that guy" or "no way I'd ever let this happen on my watch" or "I'm a huge loser who has to offer my opinion on everything on social media because it gives my life meaning." It's not real, people. It's a joke. Please just enjoy it:

Utterly brilliant, in our humble opinion. If this were real (it's not), it would explain so much. How many times have you piped one just off the fairway and, because you've had five beers too many, you can't find your ball. Now, you can just blame it on the Ball Hog, who is carrying out the dark desires of Big Golf Ball. Sickening. 

There were plenty of gems in the video, but "actually, I yeeted it into the creek. Looks like daddy needs a new dozie from the clubhouse" is the winner for me. Well done, boys. Go toss them a follow on the gram before they get too big so you can say you discovered them first.