Well Played

Man buys drinks for entire flight after making hole-in-one, earns instant legend status

August 31, 2022

Admittedly, we don't know much about the hero of this story. Well, we know that his name is Tod. And that he recently made a hole-in-one. And that, most importantly, he went well above and beyond the typical buy-a-round-of-drinks move after you make a hole-in-one.

We know all this thanks to our Hally Leadbetter, who happened to be on a flight with Tod on Tuesday night. First, Hally reported that Tod announced he was buying shots for everyone on the plane.

Tod! What a baller move! And then, Hally, getting practice for one of her many gigs, conducted a post-round post-flight interview with him:

OK, so we also learned that Tod dresses pretty snazzy for flights. What a stud. Oh, and that the first hole of his life wasn't just any hole-in-one.

Tod knocked it in on No. 4 at San Francisco Golf Club (NBD) from the back tees measuring 225 (Also, NBD). Don't be embarrassed about "choking down" (sure) on a 3-wood, Tod. That's a big-time ace!

And as you can see in the clip, Tod got as big of a surprise as the rest of the passengers who got free drinks when none other than LPGA legend Michelle Wie, a friend of Hally's, filmed the interview. Talk about a day to remember. Congrats—and cheers—to Tod, indeed.