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George Gankas might be the first person ever to make a hole-in-one wearing these

August 19, 2022

OK, so admittedly, I'm not the person to make this claim. I've never owned a pair of Crocs, I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone who owns a pair of Crocs, and I had no clue Crocs were even still a thing.

But I do know that most golf courses wouldn't allow people to play in Crocs. Well, standard Crocs (apparently, they make a golf shoe). I mean, there are some places that don't even let you wear hoodies or black socks. So, anyway, seeing that someone made a hole-in-one while wearing Crocs seems pretty rare. Then again, we're talking about George Gankas.

The famed golf instructor is known for his laid-back approach to the game, starting with the fact that he still gives his (now much higher-priced) lessons from a scruffy driving range. So it should come as no surprise that when he plays a casual round of golf, he keeps things very casual.

Congrats to George. And to Ty Gretzky. Turns out, the Great One's son who also made an ace in the same round. Although as you can see, Gankas still lost money. And that's before the bar tab. And as you can hear, onlookers were more concerned with Gankas' choice of footwear.

“Take your Crocs off!” Someone yells.

“What’s embarrassing is this guy got a hole-in-one with Crocs on,” another person says. “George Gankas, everybody.”

Hey, I'd wear them if it helped me make a hole-in-one. I think.